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Appliance library

A key element in Abiquo private cloud is the Appliance library (or Apps library). In private cloud,   cloud and enterprise administrators upload VM templates to the Appliance Librarylibrary, for users to easily create their own VMs. The Appliance library stores disks on NFS shares called NFS repositories. Each private cloud datacenter must have its own private NFS repository.   In public cloud regions, Abiquo caches the cloud provider public templates details but it does not store the disks, so you do not require an NFS repository.


In production installations, the servers are configured as Distributed environments. This means that there are separate Abiquo components for improved performance and reliability. Distributed environments require at least one Server, one Remote Services and one V2V appliance, and most environments will also have a monitoring appliance or cluster.  The following diagram shows a basic distributed environment.

In production environments for public cloud only, the platform does not require the V2V Services or the NFS repository.