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Abiquo 4.7

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  1. Go to Control → Action plans, and click the + add button 
  2. Enter the action plan details
  3. Add actions: 
    1. Click the + Add button
    2. Select a general action or select a VM or scaling group and a specific action type from the pulldown list
    3. Enter parameters as required 
    Consider the following constraints on actions
    • Maintenance block: You can create one complete maintenance block (start maintenance, action(s), and stop maintenance) and the maintenance block cannot contain any scaling actions
    • Scale in and/or scale out actions: You can only scale in and/or scale out at the end of the action plan but you can create the scaling action(s) in any order (e.g. scale in first, only scale in)
    • Email actions: You can perform an email action at any time, including after scaling actions
    • Platform constraints: For example, to create an instance, the VM must be deployed and powered off 
    • Hypervisor constraints: For example, when using hot reconfigure on ESXi, you cannot decrement CPU or RAM