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Abiquo 5.1 introduces a new Locations section in the Cloud view. The Locations section displays virtual resources at a regional or datacenter level.

In Abiquo 5.1, to display the virtual resources in a location organized by tabs, go to the Locations section and click on the Locations button and select a location from the list.

In previous versions, to display cloud resources in a location, the user would select All virtual datacenters and then select a location from a menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

To open the Locations section, the user must be able to access All virtual datacenters, which means that they have the privilege "No VDC restriction" or the administrator did not limit their access to any specific virtual datacenters. 

The resources that are now available at the location level include:

  • Network
    • Public IPs (public cloud)
    • Firewalls
    • Classic firewalls (vCloud)
    • Load balancers
    • Availability sets (Azure)
  •  Volumes

We are currently updating the documentation for these virtual datacenters sections.