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You can brand noVNC by loading a CSS file. The CSS classes are defined by noVNC and the steps are similar to theme_unsecured.css

To create a branding "theme_novnc.css" file:

  1. Copy /theme/abicloudDefault/css/theme_novnc.css
  2. Paste in your theme path css folder: /theme/mytheme/css/ 
  3. Open copied file and apply the desired changes. 


    Upgrading Abiquo

    If you override the branding of the default theme, /theme/abicloudDefault/css/theme_novnc.css, your changes will be lost when you upgrade Abiquo

To load the CSS file for noVNC branding: 

  1. Edit file lib/remoteaccess/novnc/vnc.html 
  2. Locate link with rel stylesheet loading custom theme. Currently: 

        <!-- Load custom theme --> 
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../../theme/abicloudDefault/css/theme_novnc.css" /> 
    --- Override link href with your .css file 


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